Published: Starlight’s Sunset

It took a little longer than anticipated, but Starlight’s Sunset, the sequel to Starchild’s Birth is now on Amazon! You can purchase it here.

Blurb about it:

In the sequel to Starchild’s Birth, the universe has been recreated. Starlight wakes up on a new world, memories gone. She travels with Stargon through worlds and doors to regain those memories and learn about the universe unfolding before them.

As a reminder, Starlight’s Sunset is part two of the three-part prologue to begin the Saga of the Starbirds. Part three, Starfrost’s Sunrise, will be coming out hopefully in about a month. I have some wonderful illustrators working on the cover right now, and I need to get to work on the text (which I will! It won’t be as hard as Starlight was.)

I had a lot of fun working on Starlight’s Sunset. It took me about 40,000 words of rewriting and editing to get it to where it is now. I enjoyed the first draft I made, but I needed to add some depth to it. I had to understand a little bit more of what happened in the world between the Starchild’s Birth and Starlight’s Sunset so I could write more fully and allude properly.

I hope you enjoy it a lot.


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