Magic at the Movies

I went and saw Cinderella a few nights ago at the movie theater. It was a great show. This post isn’t about that, though. It’s about movies in general.

I love movies. One of my favorite things beside being curled up with a good book is attending the movie theater. Sitting in a dark theater, watching as something that has taken years to create unfold is magic. There really is movie magic. And, I watched it last night.

It wasn’t completely with the movie, though. It was the trailers.
The trailers for summer movies brought the movie magic last night. They made me excited. They made me want to go to the movies more. They were good.
(Oh, and I’ve been listening to the music for the Pan trailer nonstop since last night.)
So, I’m excited for the summer. I have a lot going on this summer. I’ll be managing two magazines (Stowaway and Leading Edge, which will be a fun and stressful adventure to chronicle as I get more into blogging), I’ll be working 40+ hours, and I’ll be applying to my program in college. I’ll also be writing, writing, and writing. But, I’ll be watching movies, too. A lot of good ones, I hope. We’ll see how well my coffers hold up.

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