I love using my editing and writing skills in a lot of different ways. Because of this, I am involved in a lot of different projects that broaden my skills and help me grow. Please feel free to look at the different things that I’m currently involved in.


Poverty Stoplight: I’m currently volunteering at the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration at BYU. I’m assigned to a project with Fundación Paraguaya to market the Poverty Stoplight, a poverty elimination methodology, to the entire world. Right now, I’m working on helping them have a global website and a better marketing campaign. (The current website is not the one being produced by the Laycock Center.)

Leading Edge Magazine: I began working with Leading Edge when I first came to BYU. Leading Edge is BYU’s science fiction and fantasy magazine. I began as the marketing manager for Issue 65, worked as an assistant editor for Issue 66, and am currently working as the managing editor on Issue 67.

STET: The Editor’s Network: I am president of the editing club at BYU. I organize events that will help strengthen editing students in their editing skills. Past events that I have helped organize have been the student journal fair, online portfolio workshop, editor-author relationship panel from the perspective of the author, and the summer Stowaway volunteer experience (more about this later).

Saga of the Starbirds: When I first realized the potential of ebooks, I wanted to join in. I published two short stories in a series of thirteen. I’m working on finishing the last eleven to publish them through Amazon Kindle. Feel free to read Starchild’s Birth and Starlight’s Sunset, the first two short stories in the series.

Stowaway Magazine: Over the summer, I will be working as managing editor for a volunteer version of the capstone class for editing students at BYU. I organized this volunteer version to help editing students gain more experience and have the opportunity to work for more than one semester on one of the editing capstones. We will be producing the Winter 2016 version.

Mormon Insights: Along with Stowaway, I will be interning at Mormon Insights, another editing capstone at BYU. This capstone is meant to introduce the world of online publishing to editing students.

Film: Along with writing and editing, I love working with movies. I have worked on two BYU film capstones, Lovestruck: The Musical and another that is in production.