I view writing as climbing a metaphorical mountain. I love hiking—it’s challenging and it shows you new things. Just like that, writing allows me to explore untraversed landscapes. Any type of writing that I do—technical, fictional, etc.—allows me to learn more and grow. Please take a moment and look at different samples of writing.


The Books in the Boxes: A creative nonfiction essay focusing on why I want to be an editor.

The Difference in the Sight of the Lord: A personal essay about my decision to return home early from my two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This essay was honorable mention in the Writing 150 Personal Narrative Contest 2013.

On the Shores of Memory: I wrote this for a regional contest based in Kitsap county in Washington state. The prompt was to write a 1500-word short story that included the picture that is included in the document. I won first place in my division.

Mountains (c) Tom Hall, used with Creative Commons, downloaded from Flickr.